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We are at the beginning of a brand new expedition, one that requires us to each give our very best, embrace our differences and work together as one

We live in an interconnected and interdependent world. Owing to a host of technological and sociological changes, communicating rich content across distances becomes much easier, massive amounts of digital information are generated in a non-stop manner, and smart devices nowadays communicate and collaborate with each other autonomously at extremely low costs. All these have led us to a fast changing and increasingly complex world, one that gives rise to challenges to our future that requires a paradigm shift to our approach of problem solving and how we educate the next generation.


Traditional problem solving has been a more linear and structured process. We gather and analyse data, list out and compare options, estimate impacts and make decision. This can be a lengthy process and it often implies singling out several factors in discussion, an assumption that we cannot hold given the interwoven nature of the world. Our world is a non-linear complex reality, today’s dynamism requires timely and innovative problem solving skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Problem solving in the 21st century requires agility and system thinking. It requires us to deal with uncertainty, to delve into and navigate through the unknown. It requires us to work with the details without losing the big picture. These skills are not taught in traditional classrooms, they are acquired through experiential learning. It is a process of learning-by-doing, it is an iterative process of trial-and-error. It requires us to transition from the traditional curriculum-centered approach to one that embrace student-centered learning.


To SCALE InnoTech, that's what STEM truly entails. While prepping students with solid knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics respectively is important, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. STEM education is about innovation, it is the empirical training that equip our students for problems of tomorrow, it’s the ability to appreciate the underlying complexity, to approach them with agility, and to solve them creatively.


SCALE InnoTech is a learning organization. We pledge to continuously improve ourselves professionally as a team. Be you a teacher or a headmaster, researcher in education, or technologist passionate in making an impact in the education sector, or simply someone with a novel thought in STEM, talk to us. We work very closely with our customers, partners and affiliates to live up to the promise of bringing innovative solutions to STEM education.


We are at the beginning of a brand new expedition, one that requires us to each give our very best, embrace our differences and work together as one. Are you in the mood for a hike? Let’s go together!

Wilson Shum

Founder & CEO,

SCALE InnoTech Limited

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