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"I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn"
- Albert Einstein

Smart Campus Active Learning Environment, or SCALE, is an innovative approach to STEM education. We add smartness to campus, make STEM education an inspiring, engaging and unified experience, and help gear up students for the future smart city.

Please contact us directly to learn about our experiences and latest solutions offering.

Urban Gardening

Smart Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a self-sustained ecosystem of fish & plants. Its intrinsic multidisciplinary nature makes it uniquely suitable as a STEM education tool for cross-curricular teaching  involving science, art, physics, humanities, math, ecology and beyond!

Our Smart Aquaponics module  integrates sensors, solar panel and pedal power generator (optional) that enables even more learning possibilities including Internet-of-Things, coding, electronics, energy generation and transformation, you name it.


Campus Navigation

It's your school open day and you would like to introduce to your visitors the amazing coursework projects and achievements by your students, or perhaps the proud heritage of your school.

You may give them a guided tour one by one. Or you may create a mobile campus guide with location based services, giving each guest a personalized google-map-like visiting experience. If you opt for the latter, talk to us.


Plant Energy Generator

Did you know that plants can generate electricity? Partnering with researchers from Europe, we bring home the amazing opportunity to experience the technology first hand!


STEM Workshops

From coding essentials to the more advanced topics such as hardware programming, web & mobile apps development, robotics, IoT, artificial intelligent, data science, to lean agile process and design thinking, our teaching engineers are here at your service.

Raising Hands

STEM Room Planning

Some call it a Makerspace, others STEM Lab. Naming aside, it is never merely an interior design and renovation project, and concerns far more than only a "room". Careful design and planning is required to be in alignment with school-based teaching and learning objectives.

Partnering with space design experts, we are here to ensure successful implementation of your STEM Room project.

Prototype Designer

Education Portal Development

As an integral part of a complete O2O learning experience, we also mastered ourselves not only in e-learning website development but also in education portal development.


SCALE Maker Cloud

Our home-grown AIoT platform is the first of its kind that is designed specifically to simplify the teaching and learning of Smart City Technologies, including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and more.


Focus on the joy of building interesting applications that take advantage of latest technology advancement, let us worry about the complicated minute details.

​Learn more (Chinese Only)

Key Wall

E-Locker & Access Control

Mobile devices, laptops, tablets and alike, are now de facto standard classroom equipment. Protecting the physical assets can however be challenging in an often agile and dynamic classroom setting.

We offer smart-card based solution for e-locker and classroom door access control. Our solution is compatible with commonly used smart-card systems at schools and features a simple management interface with access log, giving you a peace of mind on property safety.

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